we have a couple new pets…
birds both
a conure of some sort
maybe a sun conure
and a very untamed cockatiel

the conure is a sweetheart
a bit noisy at times
but fun
no one in the house has really taken to him
aside from me
they are all afraid of his bite
i on the other hand
realise he is a small bird
and although i have endured his beak a time or two
a firm “no” usually works

he likes to climb down from his cage
(doesnt fly)
and come to me when i sit on the couch
he has a grand interest in my hair
my ears
any flaw or blemish
and he loves to make tiny holes in my shirt
(again a firm “dont bite” settles that)

cat has only a small interest
( i think she has heard the talk about the beak)
and dog has yet to meet birdie
in an up close and personal way
even though poor dog has tried
to make an introduction

i did notice today though
that dog had claimed my spot on the couch
to nap
and birdie
climbed down onto the arm
and was there quietly studying dog while she snoozed
a prolonged squawk
alerted dog to birdies close proximity
but birdies stance and formidable nature
lent itself to dog putting her head back down and
resuming her snooze

i think in time bird and dog may
kindle a friendship of sorts
but we can wait
dog is very gentle with other animals
(shes a nice lab)
but after all
dog is a dog

the cockatiel was hatched in a barn
with a hundred other birds
and lived there until he was caught and caged
i dont believe he will ever be tamed
i dont make threatening movement
toward him
and he seems to be less irritable than when he arrived
he is very insecure about the conure leaving the cage
the cage door is always open and he seldom ventures out but…

the other day he did fly out
he swooped around the room and settled on one of the bookshelves
adjacent to the cage
once there the conure joined him
and they set to work ruining the binding to a paper back book
i failed to return to its spot on the shelf
once i discovered their lovely work
i slowly put my hand near and shooed them
and there was no real alarm from the cockatiel
so maybe he will mellow in time

he is a beautiful bird
a fine mimic
great great biter
when he leaves his cage
and flies about
one needs a small cloth
to retrieve him
but he has many pretty songs
and with his beautiful look
i cannot be mad with him for long

both birds were given to me by my friend
the birds belonged to her husband
a sound sleeper

but as birdies do
they very often woke
to the sun
and began their beautiful songs
regarding breakfast

while husband slept on
good wife would have to rise
to handle the demands for breakfast
making her weekend days rather long
since she never works on weekends
and husband never woke to the demands
good wife decreed the birds had to go one way or another

and so they came to us…

they were quiet here the first days
and thereafter would wake early and ask our parakeet
to join in song

i learned a dark cover would keep them quiet
until dog rose around six thirty
(a decent time to rise)
with her own demands to be let out
and served breakfast

so that is the story of our new pets…

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